7 Years Ago Today

While Phish 2.0 is usually not remembered for it’s music, a lot of it being butchered by Trey (especially in 2004), one of a handful of 2.0 stand outs is February 28th 2003 from Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, NY.

Memorable for the epic bustout’s of Destiny Unbound (rumored to have been played because of a sign some one was holding in front) and Soul Shakedown Party, along with a nearly 30 minute Tweezer that showcases some of Trey’s drug induced creativity that was certainly present in 2003 shows more so than 2004 shows.

The Tweezer is dark and eerie. There are no boring parts, it starts out dark and odd, eventually building up off of a couple powerful licks from Trey and then starts soaring by the 23 minute mark. It eventually calms down and out of the lull comes Soul Shakedown Party, last played in 1997. When the lyrics are exclaimed the crowd is audibly excited. The Makisupa Policeman-esque outro of the song eventually sinks into a 20 minute David Bowie. The David Bowie is another impressive improvisational jaunt. It goes up, then down to almost silent a couple times before raging up and up at around the 13 minute mark only to go into a repetitive, choppy musical “chant” while Fish is rolling punctuated toms over it. It then sinks down again with Fish silently riding the ride, telling the band that the end is near before Trey’s trilling finish.

Soundcheck: Poor Heart
Notes: Phish broke out two long-shelved tunes: the first Destiny Unbound since November 15, 1991 (796 shows) and the first Soul Shakedown Party since February 20, 1997 (270 shows). Tweezer included a Do You Feel Like We Do tease.