Festival 8 Hitting Theaters in 3D

This week, Phish started promoting a new movie they would be releasing in April.  Phish took high quality video of their Halloween festival last fall and will be using footage from that to show in theaters, in 3D.  There have been 15 second trailers for the movie popping up after all Alice in Wonderland 3D screenings.  It has not been announced on their website at the time of this posting, though.

Phish is not the first band to do this however, the Dave Mattthews Band ,U2 and Hannah Montana have also filmed this type of movie, capitalizing on the new and popular 3D technology hitting theaters in 2009 .
Phish has already launched a blank but Official Website, a Twitter site and a Facebook site to promote the upcoming film.  

Anyone who was at the show knew they had to have been filming for something, there were huge boom cameras everywhere, and huge cameras with extremely wide lenses too.  I remember asking friends if they think it’s an IMAX camera or a 3D camera.  The film should be visually stunning due to all the palm trees surrounding the concert field all the way to behind the stage that were light up by their lighting director Chris Kuroda.  The Exile on Main Street set should also be impressive in 3D with the added singers and horn players.

More on this to come, the trailer should be up on their Official Website any day now.  I’m not sure movie theaters are fully aware of what’s going to happen in their theaters when they show this movie.  It should be a real interesting experience.  

Who needs to see Avatar in 3D when you can get hosed by Trey’s guitar in 3D?