Telluride Town Council Approves Phish

According to Glide Magazine, the Telluride Town Council approved AEG’s request for a two night Phish concert in Town Park after a long meeting this afternoon.  The vote ended up being unanimous after some voiced concern over the large crowds that would come without any tickets.  In my article last week I mentioned that some members were considering setting up barricades at each entrance to town, only letting in those with tickets to the concerts.  It is unclear at this point if they are going to use this tactic to remain order.  Many locals are worried about getting tickets to the shows (if they happen), each night will have 9,000 tickets available (small for a Phish show).  Expect resale tickets to average around $500 a pop.  Hopefully the “Wiseguys” are not around anymore (click link if you don’t know what that’s referring to).  

Many fans have already snatched up hotel rooms, even before today’s vote.  Almost all hotels around the picturesque area are sold out at the time of this post.

It is now up to Phish’s management if this is going to happen.  It likely will now that they have the green light.

More on this to come.