3/18 Win Phish Tickets at Dango’s

    With much anticipation of the Summer 2010 dates being announced, there is more evidence leading to a coming announcement, and venue.  Although it is not shocking that Phish will be playing SPAC again, it is nice to get early confirmation.  Discovered earlier was an ad for Dango’s Irish Sports Bar and Steakhouse that had a little blurb “Thurs 3/18 Win Phish Tickets.”
    March 15th has been regarded as the date when the announcement will come, that is speculation but if a local restaurant is advertising to win summer Phish tickets in one week, that must mean the announcement is soon.  Dango’s, located in Glen Falls, NY is not too far away from Saratoga Springs where SPAC is located.  If the announcement is not made on March 15th, it’s safe to say it should be made in this coming week.