Phish3D May Skip Colorado (from Sloth Blog)

The Sloth Blog

After the dates for the new Phish 3D movie were released yesterday I called the Aurora Movie Tavern to inquire when tickets would be going on sale. They had no idea what I was talking about and said it was the first they had heard of anything. I called later in the evening and they still were clueless, but informed me I was about the 200th caller. This morning I called back and was immediately asked if I was calling about the Phish movie. The gentleman (who seemed pretty annoyed) told me the theater decided not to carry the flick and they may be moving it to a different location. He also said there is a good chance it will NOT be shown in Denver at all. I know some places aren’t selling tickets until the 31st, some places already sold tickets, and some still do not have a clue. Why is this so difficult to coordinate? Who dropped the ball on this one?