Phish Starting to Charge Fans’ Credit Cards

We are in the middle of the anticipation to see who won what Phish tickets.  Phish is starting to charge credit cards, but not emailing the fans to let them know what shows they got.  

This morning at about 3am I got an email from Capital One saying that there was a transaction over $200.00 on my card–it notifies me after a certain amount in case the card is ever stolen.  It was a charge from Phish Tickets in the amount of $231.60.  That probably means 2 tickets to a pair of shows, for a total of four tickets (I put in an order for two tickets to each show).  It could also mean two Telluride 2-day passes!–but probably not.

Hope we find out soon–they have to let us know by tomorrow night at 11:59pm EST, since the first public on sale dates are coming Friday

Post what you have gotten charged below.