Phish Headlining Austin City Limits Festival and Fall Tour

On Friday, October 8th, Phish will be headlining the first night of the popular Austin City Limits Festival in Texas with a two hour set.  The festival is 3 nights long, ending Sunday–the other two main headliners are The Eagles and Muse.  Also, it is confirmed that Trey will be sitting in with the Eagles for part of their set–just kidding–that would be so awesome, though.

With this appearance’s date falling in early fall, people are starting to wonder about Phish’s fall tour plans.  Could this possibly kick it off, or will there be a bit of a wait between the ACL Festival and the fall tour?  Many people seem fairly confident that Phish will be playing again this Halloween, some people are confident it will be Indio again, while others said to have heard it will be Cincinnati.  I would like either choice, personally.  With Halloween falling on a Sunday this year, the band can easily make the holiday a 2 or 3 day party where ever they go.

Indio will have the most predictable nice weather, obviously.  With little yearly rainfall and mild-warm temperatures that time of year, one can always count on enjoying themselves.  Wearing shorts in October and November is always a treat for anyone that doesn’t live in the South or Southwest coast.  Also, if they chose to play in Indio again for Halloween, chances are it would be a 3 day festival like last year–Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Anyone that went last year know how amazing of an experience it was.  

If the celebration was held in Cincinnati, the chances are it would be at the USBank Arena, the same place they played last year for two nights in November.  Fall weather in the mid-west can be very pleasant–it would certainly have the feel of a classic Halloween celebration.  It would probably be a double header, Saturday and Sunday nights.  It would be cheaper for most of the fans attending because most could drive to the venue easily.  

We will see what happens–I honestly don’t know what I would rather have.  Another epic California party or a more affordable and traditional weekend throwdown in a small fall weather city.