What Will Phish Open 2010 with?

A question on a lot of fans’ minds, especially those making the trip to Toyota Park; What will Phish open with?  

Will it be a standard opener? a bust out? a first time cover? a first time Phish song?  a non-standard Phish song opener? Let’s look at what Phish has done before to see if we can predict what’s going to happen on June 11th.  (using recent Phish – 1990 to present).

On January 20th, 1990, Phish opened their year with the first Carolina ever.  A cover and an a capella song to open, this certainly threw fans off.

Phish started 1992 on March 6th with the new and revised version of Rift, the other version was last seen 202 shows earlier–I am going to chalk this one up as a bust out.

Phish came back to the USA in March of 1997 and opened up with Neil Young’s Cinnamon Girl, which was unexpected and executed real well–much better than the second time they played it.

Phish was getting antsy in 1998 waiting for the Summer tour to kick off, so they played the four show ‘Island Tour’–that run and the year got kicked off with an atypical Phish song opener, Tube–now that’s what I call an opener!

2009 obviously had one more the more popular tour opening bust outs when they they opened up with Fluffhead at the Hampton Coliseum.

The far majority are obviously standard Phish openers–I’m sure hopeing for a first time cover, though.