New or Old on Fallon Tonight

Phish plays tonight on Jimmy Fallon tonight for the second time within a month’s worth of–last time playing Loving Cup for Fallon’s Exile on Mainstreet week.  

What will Phish play.  There is no doubt that Trey has written at least a few songs with Tom Marshall over the band’s 6 month break from touring–will they make a debut?  Will they play a song from Joy or Party Time?  Or will they do what I’d prefer–just play a classic Phish song to get people pumped for Summer Tour.  Jimmy Fallon wouldn’t mind–he is a self proclaimed Phish fan.  It wouldn’t be unlikely for Phish to play older material.  Remember when Phish played Chalk Dust Torture on Saturday Night Live in December of 2002, before their reunion show at Madison Square Garden?  That was the same show in which Jimmy Fallon, playing a stoner, helped Phish sing Contact in his character’s dorm room.

I think it would send a clear message to their fans if they came out tonight and played something like Possum or Character Zero–it would show that they are not trying to show case any new songs or push any new albums–they are back to just have fun.