Songs I Want to See this Weekend

2001: Although they were not too eventful in 2009, when Phish snapped into 2001 out of Wilson in the second set of Toyota Park, I just remember that field being an all out dance party–the lights lighting up the elevated seating all the way to the back, scanning over the people on the floor–I wouldn’t mind another late night 2001 again this year.

Reba: Preferably in the daytime–or even as an opener–I have a longing to see this ASAP…don’t care what venue it’s at this weekend.

Crosseyed and Painless: I could go for this musical rocket ship at Blossom Saturday night.  A set 2 opener a la Alpine 09 would certainly get me moving.

You Enjoy Myself: Yea, I know–cliche to want to see YEM…well I do, and ASAP.

Tweezer: Yes, I know, another obvious one–still have to add it.  This is going to have to be a nighttime version, too.

Old Home Place: Only played once in 2009 and 3 times post hiatus, this is one of my favorite covers.  Perfect first set summer song.

Divided Sky: Nothing would make me more happy than a Divided Sky opener tomorrow or Sunday–assuming it’s sunny out and not raining, of course.

Ghost: Obvious?  Yes.  Da bomb? Yes.  ‘Nuff said.

Taste:  Only in the daytime and preferably at one of the stadiums–something about that song makes me feel like it should only be played completely outside, and in the day.  That’s just me, though.

Sample in a Jar: One of my favorite short Phish songs.  Something about it gets me excited and happy.  1st set, Toyota Park, please.

Uncle Pen:  Only played once in 2009, that was the only time they have played it post-hiatus.  Another daytime favorite of mine.

Life Boy: And preferably out of a raging Tweezer, old school duo style.  

These are just some songs off the top of my head I am excited to see this weekend.

Comment with songs you’d like to see.