This Weekend’s Concert Weather

As of right now, The Weather Channel says 30% of isolated thunder storms all day long for Toyota Park in Bridgeview, IL with temperatures in the mid to high 80s.  Hopefully the isolated showers miss us.  No one wants to start a tour soggy and wet.  At least, if it does rain on us, it will be hot out so we won’t be shivering.  However, since this isn’t an outdoor shed, Phish and their equipment will be more exposed to the elements than usual–meaning there is a greater chance of show delay or even cancellation.  Let’s just pray it misses the venue.  I am too excited for tomorrow for anything to go wrong.

With the weather moving westward, the isolated thunder storms  are planning on hitting Blossom Music Center as well, this time with a 50% chance of it happening.  However, the rain is less likely to effect the show being delayed or cancelled since Phish will be deep under the shelter of this large roof.  The only foreseeable problem here is if there is a lot of lightening–a la Deer Creek 2009 where they waited about an extra hour during setbreak to come back out.  

Bad news again, guys (and gals)– 40% chance of scattered storms  again.  Being another almost completely exposed stage at a soccer stadium, the weather poses the same problem it does at Toyota Park.  I am starting to get worried, now, as I write this.  However, every storm cloud has a silver lining– and the silver lining here is that if we do get bad weather for 3 shows in a row Phish will recognize that and certainly not disappoint.  I would rather see an absolutely raging show in some warm rain than a dud on a beautiful sunny day.

Travel safe, Phans.  See you all there.