No Festival in Limestone to End Summer Tour

After a series of new rumors spread over the web claiming that Phish would wrap up their summer tour with another weekend festival at Loring Air Force Base in Limestone, Maine I decided to do some simple yet informative investigating. 

I found and contacted the person in charge of booking events at Loring, pretending I was a concert promoter looking to possibly set up a rock and art festival there the last weekend of August (the rumored dates are the first weekend after the end of the tour, Aug. 27th – 29th).  

Here is the correspondence:

I sent;

The following request was submitted from the contact form at
Name: Marco Esquandolis
Title: Entertainment Director
Type of Company: Festival/Party Coordination

New York,NY 10018
Phone: xxx-xxx-xxxx
Company is considering:

Hello, am the entertainment director and coordinator for my company (which we don’t like mentioning until we are for certain plans will go though), and had some questions about the space you have available there. I have heard other festivals have been held there and was curious if what you had to offer would be suitable for what my company and I are trying to do. First off, we are looking at the last weekend in August of this year–the 28th and 29th. Would the space be available those days if we were to go with you guys? Thanks for your time in advance.

They responded; 

We are a former B-52 air base, closed in 1994.  My organization now owns the property and is redeveloping it for civilian reuse into a multi-faceted business/industrial/aviation park.  We currently have about 1400 employees working for about 25 employers.  We have office, industrial and aviation companies carrying a variety of activities.  We control nearly 3800 acres – about 1400 acres are part of the aviation complex.  In the past, we have held three weekend-long outdoor rock festivals with the band Phish.  Crowds were in the 60,000 to 70,000 range.  We’ve also done a smaller event – land speed racing.
We do actively use the aviation complex but would consider closing it for a brief time to accommodate a suitable function – we would have to be convinced that the activity would “fit” well with our assets and be accepted by the local  community; would cause a minimum of disturbance for our businesses; would provide a fair financial return to my organization for the use of the assets. 
Without knowing more about your plans, I can’t be specific, but would welcome a chance to hear more from you.
Carl [Flora]


 I am looking into having an indie/classic rock music and art festival the last weekend in August.  My company has hosted similar events before and it has yielded crowds of about 40k the past two events (bi-yearly).  This year we expect on having a bit more, assuming we can get Adam Richman from the Travel Channel’s Man Vs Food to host a competitive eating competition both Saturday and Sunday.

However, the last weekend in August is the only time we can host this without pushing it into October, which we do not want to do.  Before going any further is your space available that weekend?

  Marco Esquandolis 

The answer;

We have a small autocross event for the previous weekend, August 21-22.  Nothing is scheduled for August 28 and 29. 

[Carl Flora] 

So, unless Carl is lying or unaware of something it’s his job to be aware of, Phish is not booked to play there for a festival for the end of tour.  It’s too late, I would assume, to book something that big there now too.  If there is, in fact, a festival this year for the end of summer tour it’s not in Limestone.

Let’s put all these rumors to rest now, please.