Camden & Merriweather: Diverse Song Histories

Phish goes into another long weekend with two pairs of back to back shows, starting at the old E-Center in Camden, New Jersey and ending at Merriweather.
7 shows have been played in Camden since their first show there in 1999—let’s look at the past to try to get a better handle on what to expect tonight.

The stats are rather impressive, the diversity of songs played over 7 shows is very unusual.  With the average number of songs per show at 17.4 and 98 different songs, the only song played more than twice over the 7 concerts is Chalk Dust torture—played 4 times.  76 songs were played only once out of the 123 total songs played at this particular venue. 

Some notable songs’ stats; YEM, Bathtub Gin, Wolfman’s Brother and Tweezer were only played twice.  Down with Disease, Character Zero, Ghost, Harry Hood, Mike’s Groove, Slave, Stash, Suzy Greenberg, Wedge and Tube were only played once. 

I think the fact that Ghost has not been played in 9 shows right now, on top of the fact that it has only been played once in 7 shows in Camden makes the opportunity ripe to bust it out tonight or tomorrow.  I am leaning towards tonight.

Merriweather also is able to boast a diverse history of song selection over the 5 shows ever played there.  Harry Hood is the most likely song to see there, being played 3 times.  70 different songs have been played there with an average of 15.8 songs per show, about 2 songs less than Camden—more jamming.  Out of the 79 total songs played there, 62 of them were played once.

Some notable songs’ stats;  Bathtub Gin, Cavern, Fluffhead, Mike’s Groove, Divided Sky, Wedge, Mango Song, Moma Dance, Possum, Piper, Tweezer , Tube, Coil and PYITE have all only been played once there.  Reaching back to what I was talking about in last night’s posts and just earlier in this one, Ghost has never been played at Merriweather—There is no way we aren’t getting one this weekend.
I can’t wait for tonight!