TTE and Ghost’s Gap is Double the Norm

I was thinking to myself after last night’s show, since I expected TTE to rear its boring and predictable face that show, Phish has not played Time Turns Elastic in a while.  In fact, not in 8 shows–that is double it’s average 4 show gap since debuting last year.

The number doesn’t mean too much because there are only 13 shows to calculate that average off of since it debuted at Fenway Park last year–I’m simply stating that it either means we will see one in this next four show run (very possibly tomorrow) or they decided to cool off on playing it (crosses fingers for shelve).  When it was played at Blossom a couple weeks ago, it was still light outside, all the walkways were packed with rivers of people flowing to the food and bathrooms.  The lawn became spotted with open grass and there is no way Trey couldn’t have noticed, on top of the fact that this isn’t the first show it happened at–probably the most noticeable, though. 

Then, as I was compiling the “Jam Leader Board” (found just to the right of this post), I realized there was only one Ghost so far this tour, year.  Not played in 9 shows, Ghost is 5 shows past it’s normal 4 show gap since being debuted 6/13/1997 in Dublin, Ireland.  Which means there are very high odds that people in Camden or at Merriweather are going to be haunted by a Ghost at some point during this long weekend.  

If you read my last post, people are waiting for Phish to bust out, or rather, Trey to not kill the jam in the middle of it.  The Ghost from Toyota came to a somewhat more natural ending than recent jams, in that Trey exited the song while the jam was in a point where he had control of it.  Let’s hope that this weekend’s Ghost is the song Trey lets loose in.

According to ZZYZX’s Phish Stats, despite our complaining of shows packed with too many songs and not enough jams, 2010 is on pace to average at least 3 fewer songs per show than 2009 because of less repeats–and that’s good news.

My Prediction: Ghost and TTE in the next 2 shows (for sure in the next 4 shows).  If TTE decides not to show up in the next four show, there is a good chance Trey finally got the message.  If Ghost decides not to come out in the next four shows, that means when it does it will be a fucking monster (I hope, at least).