From The Slog Blog: View from the Couch Tour – Merriweather

From The Sloth Blog:

Since I am a huge fan of and can not make every Phish show, I really look forward to Couch Tour.  So I have decided to share my thoughts on the show as heard on the stream. 

Today they are playing the second night at Merriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia, MD and the stream, provided by Alphapig, has been great!  mmm_Phish also has a great video stream which is always a nice bonus.  Opening with Walfredo must have got the fans pumped up when the guys came out and picked up different instruments.  Sounded like they nailed it too, which really re-enforces my theory of Trey and the band being more together on tour unlike last year when supposedly, Trey even stayed in separate hotels so he could avoid temptation of the tour long party with the Phish crew.  Mellow Mood followed, and you really can’t go wrong covering a Bob Marley song which they sometimes do early in sets.  From what I can tell, Trey is REALLY on fire tonight, ripping solos in even Sample and Divided Sky, along with multiple peaks in Bathtub Gin, which so far sounds like the highlight of the first set as far as jamming goes.  Tela, probably my favorite Phish song, one I never hear live, came after the Divided which may be the best Divided of the year so far.  Tela, along with five other songs tonight were played for the first time this tour- Walfredo, Mellow Mood, My Soul, Ginseng Sullivan and Brian and Robert.  Ending the set was a rousing Antelope which peaked nicely and Trey really belted out the “gearshift” section.  Possibly the best first set of the tour so far.. lets see what set II has in store.  I am hoping for a Ghost.. way overdue. 
WELL midway through Meatstick, Comcast service in the south Denver area went down until 11:45 PM.  One thing I don’t use is Comcast phone service so I called them up and gave the poor guy a profanity filled earful.  SO I obviously have no review but they did play Ghost which I wanted.  Great show.

-The Sloth