Things I Would Have Liked to See Done Differently

Looking back at the epic 4 day weekend Phish just gave us, I have thought of a few ways it could have been an even more epic dance party.

Let Mike and Fish start more songs; especially songs like Ghost.  Trey scratching out the beginning feels so abrupt and abrasive, relative to how smooooth Mike and Fish could make a transition.  This also goes for Light–if they could find a way for Trey to not start Light, it would make it the ultimate jam vehicle.  A song that is easily entered and exited.  I also wish Page and Fish started the Possum that came out of light.  Think of how cool a slow, extended build up from them two would have been with Trey eventually joining in.

They should have played Ghost instead of 2001 for the MJ tribute;  The open-endedness could have fueled something much larger.  Also, then I could have titled that show’s review “THE GHOST OF MICHAEL JACKSON”–Now, that would be epic!

Exactly how I was dancing during 2001—->>