The Sloth Blog: The Walrus is Trey!

Keeping with the theme of busting out debut cover songs this summer, Phish gave the fans another classic rock staple in “I Am The Walrus” at Canadaigua, NY.  Segueing beautifully out of the first Mike’s> Simple of the summer, Pages plays the opening piano intro, which to any Beatles fan, is almost instantly recognizable.  Once Trey and Mike enter the crowd goes nuts and the band rolled through the tune almost flawlessly before finishing up the Mike’s Groove with a segue into Weekapaug.  In my opinion, this is one of the Beatles’ best songs, and Phish is definitely not the first band to cover it.  Some great musicians, and even a great actor, has paid tribute to the Beatles with a cover of this tune, and they are worth a listen.  So.. Here they are!

Phish first…

Although Frank Zappa would often rip on other bands and trends the may set, he also covered some classic songs, a lot of times debatable on whether or not his version was better than the original artists!  His cover of Walrus is absolutely amazing.
Another great composition from a very underrated band, Oingo Boingo.  You know, Danny Elfman?  The musical genius who composed some of the best movies of the 80’s and 90s’?  If this doesn’t ring any bells, Google immediately.  This version, like Frank’s, is complete with horns and features the best guitar take on the song I have ever heard by underrated, great guitar player, Steve Bartek.  This was the last Boingo show ever, in 1995.
There is no denying that The Beatles were probably Oiasis’ biggest influence.  I am sure everyone wondered if they were hearing unreleased Beatles songs on the radio when (What’s the Story) Morning Glory was released.  So I wasn’t surprised when I learned they covered Beatles songs and when I heard it was I Am The Walrus, I was a little skeptical on the performance.  But these guys do a good job covering this song, so much so they themselves decided to release it as a live track on the album, The Master Plan.  Apparently even Sir Paul McCartney said it was as good as the original.  Not sure about that one but anyway…
Here is something I thought was amazing when I first saw it.  One of my favorite actors, Jim Carrey, (James, if you watched In Living Color) gives the most theatrical performance the song has ever seen, in pure Jim Carrey fashion.  He just KILLS it!
Lastly, here is a version by Fiona and Emily, two girls who record a bunch of songs on Youtube.  Good job girls!