Sloth Blog: 7/1 & 7/2

Two days of July down and two more Phish shows in the books.  July first was nothing to write home about, but featured some tour breakouts including Llama, Roses Are Free, Time Loves a Hero, (first since 12/31/2002) Have Mercy, (first since 12/10/1999) Proud Mary (first since 3-01-2003) and Light Up Or Leave Me Alone. (first since 12/30/1999)
Last nights show started off with Buried Alive, my favorite “back in the day” Phish opener.  This along with Vultures, Mexican Cousin, The Wedge, The Lizards, Proud Mary and FUCK YOUR FACE were all 2010 debuts, and all but The Wedge, Proud Mary and Fuck Your Face were only played once in 2009.  Obviously the big story of the night was the Fuck Your Face, played only ONE TIME previous in 1987!  As with a few big breakouts this tour, the crowd, for the most part, sounded clueless.  Of course, you know there were the handfuls of serious fans who, I’m sure went NUTS over this, and I am jealous of you all.  It was cool to hear this played with Phish’s current sound, on a recording using DIGITAL technology, and they pretty much nailed it.  Plus, I got a little giddy hearing Mike drop an F-Bomb.  The rest of the show was full of energy and the setlist was kind of interesting as well, with Chalkdust Torture ending the first set and another short (6 minutes or so) 2001.  I would like to hear more versions of Wolfman’s Brother in the second set, breaking the ten minute mark, but since Phish really doesn’t care what I think, I’ll settle for the short, funky jams in the first set like last night.  A highlight which may be overlooked because of the rest of the show was Get Back on the Train, which didn’t branch out into any crazy jam, but raged pretty hard, once again Trey ripping like the Trey of old.  I had also been complaining a little about how Stash lost its luster and didn’t peak like it used to but last night Trey had a pretty nice climax, and so far 2010 versions have had some great tension building, 6/26 being my favorite so far this tour.  Trey also tore up his Chalkdust solo, and I thought it was a great way to end the first set.  Drowned (and Rock and Roll for that matter) are getting pretty stale as first set openers, even if the jams are solid, (SPAC was pretty hot) and this fourteen minute version was highlighted by Page on the baby grand, who had some beautiful lines, mimicking Trey.  I am not a big fan of 46 days, which followed, but they kept it short and rocked the hell out of it.  If that’s the way the song is going to be, I will jump on the bandwagon!  When Twenty Years Later started out of 46 Days, at first I, along with others streaming the show, thought Lizards was starting up.  Funny that the next song would be the first Lizards of the tour.  Like Lizards, the set contained many fan favorites including the Carini which segued into FYF and of course You Enjoy Myself, which, like most, ended the second set last night.  The actual jam was short but by far the highlight was a great vocal jam, with a bunch of teases.  Although not documented on, (yet) I heard Trey tease The Cars, “Moving In Stereo” and during the vocal jam, the line “I need a dozen towels so the boys can take a shower” and “sorry John sorry better try again” from Zappa’s “Doing Work For Yuda” as well.  (I think I heard the word “sausage” in there
too)  Then they seamlessly started up The Beatles “Get Back” out of Proud Mary, and appropriately encored with “A Day in the Life”  This YEM vocal jam was by far the best of 3.0, which has had some energetic vocal jams, far from the versions in 99′-00′ which lacked any enthusiasm or creativity whatsoever.  This could be the best vocal jam of the past 15 years!  A really fun show.. only makes me wonder what is to come for the fourth of July weekend!