Summer Festival?

Well, if Phish is, in fact, going to have a summer tour ending festival they better announce it soon.  It would be the weekend after the Jones Beach shows which is about 7 weeks away.  If they are going to announce a festival it’s got to be within the next 2 weeks at the latest.  People need to make plans ahead of time if they want to sell a decent amount of tickets. 

We already know that there will not be a summer festival at the Loring Air Force base, as you can see here.  My prediction is that there will not be a summer festival.  If anything, maybe another Halloween festival.  Seeing as Halloween falls on a weekend, again, this year, it would give them a perfect chance to stage another giant Phish party.  Although more and more rumors swirl that if they do it may not be in Indio–and that would be a shame.