People Gay for Trey Toss Shirt Before 7/3

Any real male Phish fan is gay for Trey–I know I am (no, I’m not gay).  Rumors are (and the title of this video is) that either the creator or fans of the web site Gay For Trey were responsible for tossing Trey a shirt with a gay rainbow flag icon that says “Gay for Trey” over it.

Trey kindly steps to the front of the stage to catch the shirt, holds it up to his stomach and kinda smirks, he turns around and places it on top of his stack.  The person who tossed it asked him to hold it up one more time–I assume for a picture, Trey kinda awkwardly smiles and gives a sarcastic thumbs up before launching the first Character Zero opener ever.

I assume Trey has never heard the term “Gay for Trey” (or, also commonly said on the internets, “geigh 4 Treigh”), so when he got the shirt he must have been like “oh, ok, cool–some gay fan likes me” (and maybe he actually is gay, but judging by it being a common internet phrase I would assume not).

Whoever did it, I think it’s hilarious–if you’re reading this or you know the person who did this please email me (or have him email me) at–I’ll ask you some questions and post them up here.  Why the hell not?  We have a whole month to dick around until Phish is back.