Views of Telluride

With the second half of the tour quickly approaching, I figured I would put together a post of photos from the stunning scenery of Telluride, CO.  I am so beyond excited to get there!
That zig-zagged line is Black Bear Pass, the 4-wheel alternative to getting to Telluride.  It’s considered one of the most dangerous and beautiful passes in the country.
Black Bear Pass hugging the mountain side, wow.
The view of Telluride while approaching from Black Bear Pass
I can’t wait to see all the wooks trying to drive their beat up cars down this
Yes, you have to cross this river in your car on Black Bear Pass
A dangerous hair-pin turn on Black Bear Pass–wow.
Black Bear Pass, again.  Notice Bridal Falls in the distance.
The bunny hill overlooking Telluride!
The higher you get, the snowier it gets.
Gamehendge is coming.
Black Bear Pass, again.
“How much ya wanna bet I can throw this football over them mountains?” – Uncle Rico
The gondola going up.
Small stage, can’t wait to see Kuroda’s rig up there.
From the Bluegrass Festival.  I have a feeling the crowd in 2 weeks won’t be sitting.
The sun setting during the first sets is going to be gorgeous.
Looking up at Black Bear Pass