Phish Phall Tour Rumors

With a Fall Tour announcement looming among us, there are some pretty reliable sources that both I and others in the community have about some leaked Fall Tour information.
Before Austin, TX there is supposed to be at least one New Orleans show.  After Austin, Phish is rumored to be playing three nights in Broomfield, CO.  If true, it’s apparent that 3.0 Phish is treating Colorado real well–it will rack up the show count to 9 shows in less just over 1 year of touring.  Playing in Vegas after that is also rumored, however the details on that are still more shaky.
While I am not certain of the Arena they are planning on playing in Broomfield, there is really only one I can think it would be, the Broomfield Event Center.  An intimate 6,000 person venue and just renovated!  This would be a great run of shows, just outside of Denver.
In the past few months tons of rumors have been swirling over where Phish would, if at all, play their Halloween show(s).  People said Indio, Vegas, Colorado, Cincy–but it looks like it’s going to be in Albany, as if they don’t play enough shows in the Northeast.  I am pretty unhappy with this decision.  I would assume it’s going to be at least a two night stand, seeing as Halloween falls on a weekend again this year.
With the weakest rumor of them all being that Phish is going to play Hampton over Thanksgiving, the strongest of all is that they will bring back their New Year’s party to Madison Square Garden for a four night run.  While they usually play 12/28-12/31, some are saying this one will be 12/29-1/1/2011.
Phish will hopefully release their full Fall Tour before the Greek shows next week.  I think it would be a bad idea for them to wait until after Summer Tour to do so.  Keep your eyes peeled for dates!