Repost: Toga Party, Greek Night 3


I am starting to hear buzz about people trying to get other fans to wear togas to the 3rd and final night of the Greek run.  “But OPT, aren’t YOU spreading the buzz by even posting this?”  Yes, I suppose I am–I think it would be really funny and amazing.  Something Phish would certainly get a kick out of.  There is not much time before the concert, so we might as well try to get the word flying as soon as possible.

While it can’t be as epic and all inclusive as when fliers were handed out at Red Rocks ’96 telling everyone to shout “HOOD” after “Harry”– since there might never be a Phish show played at the Greek again (while Harry Hood is played almost every 4 shows)– it can certainly be fun.  Fan participation is usually welcome with open arms by the band.

So, if you’re going to the Greek on the third night, bring a white bed sheet and sandals–the crowd photographs will be hilarious.  Also, it is likely to force Phish to match the level of energy flowing out of the crowd, just think of their faces when they come out on stage to a full crown donning white bed sheets over one shoulder.  Tell your friends who may be going, too!

Ahhh–It finally feels like we are in the home stretch of this tour break!

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I’m wearing a Toga to Phish the 3rd night at The Greek! Pass it on…