The Greek = hmmmmm

Ok, I don’t have much time seeing as I am not at home and there is a lot going on.  However, I need to talk about the first two nights at the Greek.
The first show, was a solid and standard tour opener.  The second night featured a great Cities–the best of 3.0.  Completely grooving and dancable.  Simple was awesome, too.  The Rock and Roll second set opener was very disappointing.  They (Trey) can’t seem to think of any other creative ways to open up second sets now.  The Ghost, started by Trey scratching it on his guitar again, seemed to have been going a good direction–until Trey KILLED the jam for the rest of the band by forcing a Mike’s Song.  He not only flubs the hell out of it, the rest of the band was not ready for it and he played it in the wrong key.  It was Trey’s ADD and sloppiness at his worst. 
I don’t have time to write much more on the shows.  I expect tonight to be another standard show, and Telluride is going to be absolutely sick.
See you guys on tour!