Melting in Deer Creek

The lots were steaming hot for the first night of Deer Creek.  It was humid and the temperatures were reaching close to 100 degrees.  Ticket time was 7:30 and the sun was blinding everyone’s faces in the venue still at 7:45, leading many to think that Phish would start around 8.  Phish came out with everyone’s faces blinded–very uncomfortable for everyone on the Page side of the venue.
After a standard Jim and a flub filled PYITE, Roggae came out for the third time of 3.0 and it was played with true passion from Trey.  CTB followed, also being the third time played–this was played with true intensity from Page.  The waves of piano in the song were more than dancable with Trey taking an ever decreasing role as a supporting role–he did it very well.  While I’m on this topic of Trey, it’s important to note that Trey’s guitar was extremely loud last night.  I also noticed him motioning to be turned up a few times.  Trey needs to quiet down a bit and jam with the band rather than OVER the band.  Ok, moving on– CTB popped awkwardly into Sample which contained a number of flubs on Trey’s part.  
They closed the first set with a particularly fun Wolfman’s and a particularly energetic end to Time Turns Elastic.  During set break, security was at full throttle which felt weird after being in Telluride with no security.  The whole setbreak, and into the second set, security was combing the aisles for people that did not have tickets for the row they were next to.  I was about 10 rows closer (Fish side of Kuroda) than my actual tickets.  The section was not sold out so I knew it wouldn’t be a big deal to move up.  I was in the same spot from the beginning of the show, during Gin an 18 year old kid with a buzz cut and an attitude problem came up to me and asked to see my ticket.  I laughed (while still dancing) and told him “seriously? this is a Phish show”.  He wasn’t having it–he was definitely on a mission to ruin fans’ nights.  I produced my ticket and he shined his flashlight on the ground asking “oh, is this your row?”  I said obviously it’s not, but no one has been sitting here all night.  He motioned to a guy behind me (who I knew) saying that it’s his seat and he wants to get back in it.  I told him “no, I know that guy isn’t sitting here”, then he mockingly laughed in my face (like what I said was a joke or something, he didn’t make much sense) and asked for my ticket again–he told me to turn around and led me out, all the way to the edge of the venue where he ripped up my ticket in front of me and told me to get out.  When he turned around I ran into the lawn and eventually got my way back into the pavilion.  It was an absolutely ridiculous ordeal.
During setbreak, my friends and i discussed what the second set may open with–we jokingly said “ok, other than Drowned or Rock and Roll, what do you think they will open with?”  Then, boom, Drowned–it had a jam that was rocked out and similar to most before sinking into Jibboo.  The Jibboo Branched out a bit more than usual 3.0 versions and eventually segued into Bathtub Gin.  The segue sounded awesome, I went nuts when it happened–it’s very refreshing when there is full band communication when going into another song.  It was a blast of a version, however–Trey killed the jam just as Mike wanted to make this second set version explode.  
Phish went on to play an energetic My Friend and then launched into the first Buffalo Bill of 3.0.  It started from a standstill, which is weird for the song, but it went into another energy pumped Twist–featuring some tasty guitar work at the end.  
In the first second set Split Open and Melt of 3.0, this was unfinished and reached extremely spacey seas before meandering into the second Dog Faced Boy of 3.0.  The Hood was pretty uneventful and not worth mentioning. 
What is worth mentioning is the encore!  Wow.  I don’t remember the last time Trey used the megaphone during Fee, but last night he bust it out!  The usual spacey outro to the song led into Trey doing windmills with his arm in front of his mic and amps, making loopy sounds–it went into NO2.  First time since the Ghost -> NO2 from Miami.  THEN it went into the first Kung of 3.0.  I absolutely lost it at this point.  This was already one of the best encores I have ever seen, then it pops into Fire!  Despite a lot of internet rumors, Trey does not say   “let nitrous take over”, he says “let Cactus take over” which cues a Mike solo in the song.
I  liked this show more than either Telluride shows.

Thursday, 08/12/2010 Verizon Wireless Music Center, Noblesville, IN

Encore: Fee > NO2 -> Kung > Fire