Phish Halloween: Atlantic City Survival Guide

Craig M. 12:00pm August 22nd 2010

Where to stay
– Boardwalk casinos would be ideal. Parking will be $10-25 depending on what
casino but if you park and leave your car for the weekend its not bad. Plenty of
ways to get around town via cab or jitney or walking.
– The marina side of town (Borgata, Harrah’s, Trump Marina) is not in walking
distance to boardwalk hall. You have to cross some large roads and walk through
some real sketchy parts of town.
– Rt. 30 (White Horse Pike) in Absecon and Rt. 40 (Black Horse Pike) in West
Atlantic City have tons of cheap motels and are within a 5-15 minute drive/cab to
the boardwalk. These range from the creepy $30 a night type of places up to the
Howard Johnson type hotels.
– Boardwalk hall has no parking lot so casino garages or municipal lots are it. I
don’t know where or if there will be a shakedown. Not your typical venue.

Good eats
– Atlantic City Bar & Grill. Corner of pacific and south Carolina. Great seafood/
Italian. Bar should stay open till about 4am-5am
– White House subs. Since 1946. Awesome stuff! Corner of Arctic & Mississippi
– Bunch of pizza joints and other eats on the boardwalk
– The Continental @ the pier at Caesars. The cheese steak eggrolls are to die for!

– 24 hour bars in the casinos. Drinks are complimentary to playing guests. If you
are sitting at a machine with money in it you will get a free drink. If you don’t
gamble, take $20 and put it in the machine and wait for a server to get you a
drink. Cash out your $20 and you got your free drink. Repeat all night. Don’t
forget to tip the girls!
– Most every casino 24hr bar allows smoking which is rare. Enjoy the second hand
smoke all you wish
– Halloween weekend the clubs in town will all be having costume parties so all
you hippies don’t have to really worry about dress codes (unless the door guys are
dicks). But be prepared for $8-12 drinks. But the eye candy will be out of control.
Most likely a cover charge as well of $20

Day time
– You are at the beach so the boardwalk is a no brainer. You can walk it for miles
or bike it. Some games and rides on the steel pier and the central pier.
– Visit the different casinos. They are all different and have different food
selections and shows/events going on. Borgata will feel like Vegas.
– Go see Lucy the Elephant in Margate. Might not be the only huge pink elephant
you see all weekend.

– The boardwalk can be real shady at night. There has been an increase in numbers
of robberies and hold ups on the boards recently. There have also been a few more
murders than usual in town. There is a huge debate going on here now with the
local cops. Many have been laid off and the crime rates are going up.
– Homeless live under the boards and piers and are nuts. Don’t wander around
alone all zooted. You are just asking to get jumped.
– At night, I wouldn’t walk any streets besides Atlantic, Pacific or the boardwalk.
Not the nicest town at night.
-Don’t get arrested in a casino. A lot of times you will be dealing with state level
law, not the local cops.