OPT Fan Photo Leg II Extravaganza!!!

Well, the second leg of Phish’s summer tour is now over.  As some of you know, I had OPT followers send me pictures they took at any of the first leg’s shows–they were of lot scenes, the band, the crowd, the road or just goofy pictures of them with their friends.  I want to do this for the Greek -> Jones Beach shows now.  Send me any pictures that you find interesting, cool, funny, disgusting–whatever.
We will pick the best pictures out of what you send us and post them up here in different segments of posts (probably separated by groups of shows).  When you email the pictures, please remember to label what show it is from (although it should be pretty obvious with the unique venues the second leg contained)–also, if you don’t want your full name credited, please say so in the email. 
Please send all photos for this to sneakinsally@onlinephishtour.com–she will yield any pictures and/or questions you may have.
Don’t be shy!  I know there are some great pictures out there!
Below is the funniest picture sent from leg one.
“(Blossom) Number Line -> Finger Jam -> 20 Years Later”