Mike Gordon Continues to Blow Doors Down

Mike Gordon November 2010 Tour from Mike Gordon on Vimeo.

Mike Gordon is proving himself to be the most impressive and musically inclined member of the band since their return.  Not only has he been crushing every Phish song on a nightly basis, he just released a geographically huge tour sure to please every phan across our great country.  Mike has been sitting in with other bands after Phish shows or between tours.  Mike’s recent pace of songwriting has kept pace with Trey’s; only Mike has been writing more impressive songs.  While the other members of Phish are seemingly slowing down, Mike is becoming more outspoken, more dominant of his instrument and more in the public eye than he has ever been in his career.

(Photo by Jeremy Gordon)

In what I think is an attempt to reach out to the West Coast after three Phish tours in a row have overlooked them (including the upcoming fall tour), Mike booked dates in Hollywood, San Fransisco, Portland, Seattle, Missoula, Salt Lake City and Boulder (well, people in Colorado really can’t complain).  He goes right through the heart of America and ends up in the North East; now that’s what a tour is supposed to look like.

Just a few days ago Mike came out with his bad at the moe.down festival for a taste of what’s to come in November.


Mike Gordon 09/05/2010 moe.down XI Gelston Castle Estates, Mohawk, NY 

Andelman’s Yard

Sugar Shack

Walls of Time

15 Step



Crumblin’ Bones

Dig Further Down 

The first show back he played Idea, Mike’s original that Phish played only once this year.  The poppy, dense and bass driven song was akin to Undermind and it’s open end inspired ideas of a real jam coming out of it one day–instead it has not been played since the first leg of summer.  I can’t imagine Mike enjoyed playing Summer of ’89 three times over Idea once.

(Photo by Jennifer Bernstein)

Last year Mike sat in with Umphree’s McGee (among others) right before Phish’s fall tour for a ridiculous jam that had everyone’s jaws on the floor, including the band.  He sat in with Col. Bruce Hampton after Phish’s July 3rd show this year in Atlanta, and sat in with 7 Walkers for Going Down the Road Feeling Bad and Not Fade Away while in Berkeley for the Greek shows.

I think Mike is displaying clear inspiration for both his song writing and his bass playing; I can’t think of one thing you can knock the guy for in the past two years.  He cares about the music, he cares about how he plays the music, he cares about the fans and he has a blast while doing it.

(if you only watch one video, make it this one Mike with UM 11.13.2009)

(Alpine 2010)