TAB At The TAB Out Now

TAB at the TAB, a collection of performances from the Trey Anastasio Band’s February 27 performance at the Tabernacle in Atlanta, was released today on and iTunes. The 10-song album will be released on CD Sunday the 19th; pre-order at Dry Goods.

A couple tips to keep in mind before you purchase. First, the LivePhish and iTunes versions each have a bonus track, but it’s a different track. LivePhish has “Cayman Review,” while iTunes has “Birdwatcher.” There’s a work-around, though: iTunes allows you to buy individual songs. So if you want both bonus cuts, get the album on LivePhish, then buy “Birdwatcher” alone from iTunes. Second, the album is $7.99 on LivePhish and $9.99 on iTunes, so my work-around also saves you money. You’re welcome.
Trey’s playing on this record is clean, far more so than it was in June with Phish–he steers mercifully clear of whale territory–but generally uninspired and uninspiring. To Trey Band newbs, this album will be of interest for the “Black Dog” cover (see: Rolling Stone‘s review). For those with more mileage, the “Windora Bug” features a decent spacey jam; “Money, Love and Change” rocks at least as hard as one of the weaker versions from the early aughts.
I don’t want to give the impression that this album is bad–it’s not. But it’s not the best representation of live Trey Band. That honor would go to Plasma, culled from 2002 shows, which is downright nasty; Original Boardwalk Style, from the New Year’s 2006 Atlantic City run, which is fantastic, despite what the LETHs (late-era-Trey haters) will have you believe; and the Lucius Beebe EP, which, if you can find it, is amazing, particularly the Burlap Sack and Pumps with John Medeski.