What to Expect from the New Site

Hey OPT fans, I am sorry that there has been little activity on OPT lately.  I am doing a lot right now to get the brand-spankin’ new site up and running.  It will be up before Phish hits the stage in Austin.  

Thanks to Chris (birdman@onlinephishtour.com, email him if you have any suggestions), the new site is going to be much more attractive than its current Blogger setup.  There will actually be real sub-pages.  It will be a full site, not just one main page with nothing else.  The site’s main page format will resemble this, in that, the new information will be displayed.  The Facebook fan box will be on the right, along with Twitter mentions.  Archived content will be searchable, there will be a message board forum, we are trying to get our own streamer for fall tour (we will have a stream page for tour regardless), we will have a section where all the show reviews will be and all the news (all will be in chronological order on the main page).

I am really excited about this and I hope you are too.  Content will be flowing through here once the new site is up!  Also, if you haven’t noticed, our new writer, Guy Forget, is a wonderful new addition.  The site is growing!