The Ghosts of the Midwest — Which is the best?

2010’s first show was in Brideview, IL at Toyota Park soccer stadium.  Phish anchored their second set with this standout Ghost, one of two monster versions from the Midwest.  This version gets pretty spacey and deep with some impressive and heart throbbing lines from Mike.  Oh Kee Pa Blog posted the Bridgeview Ghost today, prompting me to question which I enjoy more–one may draw the conclusion it’s apples to oranges, though.

Alpine’s version from August 15th opened up the second set in rock star fashion.  The jam kept to it’s structure much more closely than it’s Illinois counterpart; however, this one actually came to a crisp and clean peak (something not seen so much anymore with Phish).  I write about this Ghost here.  

It may be pointless to compare; both are different styles.  One thing is for certain; Phish loves haunting the Midwest.