NEW: Monday Morning Video Pick Me Up

Starting today, we will post some Phish videos every Monday morning.  Videos that will put you in a wonderful mood at the beginning of your work week (if these videos don’t melt your face off first).  There is nothing like sitting down at work Monday morning and watching some time killing YouTubes of your favorite band.  Even if you actually have to do “work” right away, you can at least listen to the videos.

Remember to check back real soon, the new site should be up before Fall Tour!

I know I have posted this before, While My Guitar Gently Weeps from Halloween 1994.  It’s one of the most gorgeous versions of the song ever.  This video has the soundboard audio synced up with it.  Check out Trey’s sexy lion mane.

5/23/2000 –  What a fun place for a Phish show.  I sure wish they would go back there again.  Here is the energetic combo of Boogie on > Cavern

One of my favorite Phish covers, Roses are Free, is shown here from 11/20/1998’s Hampton show.  Since they have played it after hiatus, it never seems to sound the same.

The second time Phish played Quinn the Eskimo in 11 years was the super high-energy encore at Alpine Valley’s Sunday show this year.  I am so happy they brought this song back, it’s a happy, singable, energetic encore with a lot of history.

One of the first times Phish played Paul and Silas was on 9/28/1990.  The only time this song has been played since 1998 was at Toyota Park in 2009 per a fan request before the show.  This song has gotta come back!
(song starts about half-way into video)

(Toyota Park, 19 years later)