Facebook Movement for Page and Largest Pipe Organ

The Facebook fan page for Play the Pipe Organ Page on Halloween is starting an online plea for Phish’s Page McConnell to take the reins of the world’s largest playable pipe organ this Halloween.  The organ’s home is, infact, Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City–where Phish’s Halloween shows will be played.

The organ has 33,000 pipes and 1,908 keys, it pushes wind and an astonishing rate of 36,000 cubic feet per minute.  The organ took three years to build, between 1929 and 1932.  With 32 foot stops, this musical marvel is known as the loudest stop instrument in the world!  The Guinness Book of World Records reported that it is six times louder than the loudest locomotive whistle.

How cool would it be if Page busted this bad boy out for some ridiculous and eerie jam sessions that weekend.  Maybe this is what makes the upcoming Halloween night show so “special”.

Maybe a Phantom of the Opera for the musical costume–Page would look pretty bad ass in that mask.

For much more interesting information check out Atlantic City Organ Society  and The Boardwalk Hall Organ site.