An Open Birthday Letter to Trey

Today the guitarist of our favorite band turns 46 years old–still relatively young for a guitarist.  I know this year I have been extremely critical of Trey, and although it sounds cliché, it’s truly because I love him so much.  I spent the most formative years of my life listening to his guitar screaming out of speakers, I have had some of the best moments of my life watching him live.  No matter Trey’s style of a certain era or Trey’s quality of a certain day, he is always the most energetic, entertaining and exciting guitarist in music today.  His signature tone make his fans feel at home, no one can replicate the sound he and his guitars make together.  

I feel so fortunate that I came across you and your music–without exaggeration, I would me a totally different person if I had not.  Thank you.

Trey: I hope you have a wonderful birthday this year, I think I speak for all OPT fans when I say “Happy Birthday, Trey.  We love you and hope this upcoming Fall Tour is amazing for you and fans, alike.”