Halloween and Phish Tomfoolery: Another Perspective

Just wanted to add two travel-delayed cents to yesterday’s debate between Raging Mob of Joggers and others on the web about just what the heck–if anything–Phish has up their sleeves for Halloween.

First off, to anyone with their panties in a bunch over possibly not getting their money’s worth for the airfare/scalped tickets/gold-plated-Halloween-costume/high-end adult escorts they booked specifically to make this the perfect Halloween on the Boardwalk, I think you can safely unbunch them. Phish is the band, remember, that brought us Coventry; they know what it is to face angry and disappointed fans. If their Halloween surprise was to play a standard two-set show, the hippie wrath would be powerful, and Phish is well aware of this.

My guess is that we’re seeing one of two things here. One, they could be doing something even bigger than usual, but they want us to be completely surprised. What that surprise would be is anybody’s guess, but I’ll just point out that they have never physically caused a venue to achieve lift-off, and then played the whole show in outer space (though some witnesses claim this occurred at Hampton ’97). What better night than Halloween to try it out?
If not that, then, well, they’re probably doing what Phish used to love to do: get inside our heads. They know that the best way to build hype is to not hype the show at all. They know that being cryptic will fuel speculation and conversation and debate that make people want to come to the shows and spend all their money seeing Phish. And this blog post is proof that they’ve succeeded. You’re welcome, Phish.