NEW: A Show for Your Weekend: The Crown ’98

Along with our new weekly installment of Monday Morning Video Pick Me Up, we will start “A Show for Your Weekend”–I have a feeling it will soon turn into “Shows for Your Weekend”.  Every Friday we will feature a download of a particularly fun show that you can jam out to all weekend long.

Today our show is from 11/14/1998 at The Crown in Cincinnati, Ohio (now the US Bank Arena).  This show seems to be overlooked pretty often.  It starts out with a rockin’ Funky Bitch–this Funky Bitch is special in that Trey take’s Page’s normal segment during the jam.  Funky Bitch always contains a two-part jam, like most of their blues songs (such as the My Soul that follows) or even Maze; Page leads the first jam, they come back to a musical refrain of the song, then Trey takes the band for a ride going into the end.  This Funky Bitch has the roles reversed–I wonder if it was on purpose or by accident.  

This first set contains an unbelievable Tweezer–I can’t even imaging what people would do if Phish had a jam this massive in a first set nowadays.  The Tweezer builds and builds to a glorious peak, eccentuated by Fishman perfectly.  It’s almost like the band just took your virginity in the way it comes to an orgasmic peak; after the peak Phish goes through a slightly funky and slower outro.  It’s as if they are whispering to you, “it’s ok, it was going to happen sooner or later–no one has to know about this…shhhh.” (Yes, that’s what I think when I listen to it)  The groove POPS into Moma Dance about as perfectly as they could.

After a high-octane Character Zero to close out the first set, the second starts with a nearly 20-minute exploratory David Bowie (something I am dying for this fall).  Then, throwing a curve ball, Phish dropped George Harrison’s Something for the second time out of four total times played.  They moved on though a typical 1998 Piper, an oddly placed mid-set Golgi, Guyute and then a fun Sexual Healing.

You Enjoy Myself, Julius, Hello My Baby closed out the second set, ensuring people went home with a smile on their face.  It was Saturday night, and Phish wasn’t going to disappoint–they went above the call of duty and closed the show was an awesome and unexpected So Lonely by the Police.  Hearing them sing So Lonely was hilarious; it went right into the expected Tweezer Reprise.

Have fun with this show.

11/14/1998 The Crown, Cincinnati, OH
I Funky Bitch, My Soul, Reba, Bouncing Around the Room, Tweezer > The Moma Dance, Sparkle, Character Zero
II David Bowie, Somthing, Piper, Golgi Apparatus, Guyute, HYHU > Sexual Healing > HYHU, You Enjoy Myself, Julius, Hello My Baby
Encore: So Lonely > Tweezer Reprise