Briefly: Today in Phish News

  • All Fall Tour tickets come with a free MP3 download of the show. The download can be redeemed here using a unique code printed on each ticket just next to the bar code. See the band’s provided example for a Ticketmaster ticket above; mail order and Tickethorse tickets have similar orientations. No confirmation yet on why Phish decided to change their name to The Hour Glasses, nor why they decided to change the concert dates to January 2009, but as long as we’re getting free downloads, there’s no need to question these things.
  • “Horizon Line,” a new track from Mike’s upcoming album Moss, is now streaming on Mike’s Facebook page.
  • To add to the list of tour-friendly iPhone apps, GroupMe allows you to easily text with entire groups of friends, facilitating pre-show meet-ups, setbreak stubdowns, virtual group hoots, and more. Check it out. [via]