Monday Morning Video Pick Me Up

Sorry this is late.

Here is David Bowie from 11/02/1990’s awesome show. This Bowie is excellent video and audio quality. The intro contains tons of teases.

Here is a cool clip of the Kuroda’s ridiculous work with the torches at Festival 8; it also gives you an idea of what they sounded like if you were sitting that far back at the show.

Here is the gorgeous Harry Hood from 11/16/1996 that I mentioned in my recent post about 1996 jamming. It features what may be the longest single note ever held by Trey; close to 3 minutes long. It’s a must hear version. The audio and video are a tad off from each other, but both are high quality on their own.

Great clip from 11/19/1996’s AC/DC Bag. What great energy!

I’ll leave this post on a high note–the next Monday Morning Video Pick Me Up will be amidst Phish’s FALL TOUR!!