Now Tour Really Starts

ACL - Dave Vann © Phish 2010

With ACL festival and the Fourmile shows out of the way, Phish can return to the stage tonight with any rust or hesitation already shaken off. I think the fact that they have all played two days in a row before their fall tour starts is going to really help them ease into tonight. They have been in Denver for the past 36 hours and are relaxed. The weather is gorgeous, the arena is amazing and they sound better than ever before. I expect a throwdown off the bat tonight (I know, I might be just running my mouth [fingers], now), none of that disappointing Cobo Arena BS.

While the past two nights were packed with 15-19 year old hemp necklace wearing jamband fans, tonight will only be the real fans–like almost every show on this tour, studded with tiny venues. After two nights of staying comfortably within their collective musical box, I’m sure they are ready to blow the roof off tonight.

After listening to the Down with Disease through Rock and Roll from ACL over again, I am beyond pumped for Trey’s fall tour shredding; he has moved past the whale and is now refining his 3.0 sound.

ACL - Dave Vann © Phish 2010

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Here we go, everyone–time to embark on another season of touring. This is what we live for, this is what we are addicted to.

There are still so many questions left: are they going to cover any new songs? are they going to play any new Phish songs? are they going to play Idea, Halfway to the Moon or Dr. Gable again?