Monday Morning Video Pick Me Up

After posting a video from 11/19/1996 last Monday, I got some heat for not posting the YEM from that show. I was just saving it, everyone, jeez. This clip of YEM is amazing. Don’t watch if you get easily depressed by how impressive 1990’s Phish is. This jam section is pure improvisation. The funk that emerged in 1997 truly started in November of 1996, especially in this show. The YEM has start/stops, funky breakdowns, Groove is in the Heart bass jam, Trey looping sounds, Trey on drum kit, and Trey wailing into the end. This video is awesome.

11/16/1996 David Bowie. I miss that shirt, Trey

9/09/2000 Run Like an Antelope

8/08/1993 Fast Enough for You

8/11/1993 Weigh – I could go for one of these real soon