What does Trey’s Handwriting Mean?

Handwriting analyzer Liza Schuetz Kuimjian is in the process of gathering information about Trey’s personality through his signature. On her website she discusses a number a famous people’s handwriting.


Even though this signature is illegible, there are a few important qualities to comment on. The tall formations, that look like the letter “T” show ambition and a need to succeed. The fact that this is “tied” – see how the stroke goes back to the left, then forward again, has the meaning of absolute persistence towards his goals. This too, carries the meaning of stubbornness and the ability to be analytical.

Interesting too, which is often seen in performing artists handwriting, is the imagery contained within the stroke. Trey Anastasio’s autograph bears the resemblance of a guitar – something near and dear to his heart.