Returning to South Carolina

10.11.2010 Dave Vann © Phish 2010

Phish is returning tonight to South Carolina for the first time in 12 years. The last time we saw Phish take the stage in this state was on 11/18/1998, opening up with Back at the Chicken Shack. South Carolina has only hosted 9 Phish shows ever. Despite the small number of concerts held there, the state boasts some pretty unique stats.

The most played song in South Carolina is Uncle Pen; hopefully the tradition holds and we get the 3rd version since the hiatus. Carolina, tied in second place with a couple other songs, would be an even bigger bust out. Bill Baily, Won’t You Please Come Home? Was played in SC twice out of the five times it was ever played.

Although both the songs above are unlikely to emerge, there are some songs that are safe predictions for them to play over the course of the two night stand. Bathtub Gin has yet to be played in the past four shows, it’s probably pretty safe to assume that one’s coming. You Enjoy Myself has not gotten any stage time since the rushed version from ACL; I thought it would come out the last night of Broomfield–very probable that’s going to come tonight or tomorrow. Other obvious picks would be Down with Disease, Rock and Roll, Drowned, Suzy Greenberg, Cavern, Punch You in the Eye and Tube.

10.11.2010 Fluffhead - N. Richter

Fans heading down to North Charleston will be able to enjoy the near-80 degree weather that the city has been basking in lately; it will feel more like a summer show in lot than a fall tour stop.

If I were a betting man, I would call that tonight’s show is similar to the past three shows; they will probably have shorter jams, high energy and interesting segues. Saturday, should be a blow out. I would say that the Saturday show’s second set will open up with one of the usual 3.0 suspects, Rock and Roll; Down with Disease; or Drowned, and include this tour’s first massive jam. When the first big jam comes, it’s going to get real interesting considering how Trey’s axe has been slaying songs the last four shows.

See you all in the South Carolina sun.