The Halloween Rumor Mill

From Phish Net Blog:

So we’re two weeks out now and people are starting to look for clues. There’s no album game to play this year, so here’s what people are speculating about. Since I don’t know anything, I can just play along.

Rumor: The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway/Selling England by the Pound – Genesis

Source: The image of a Halloween ticket really looks a lot like a random poster for a Philly Genesis poster

Case For: Those are rather similar images. Remember how they had a banana image for the calendar when they did Loaded? There was a hint! Also TLLDoB has been rumored for 98 and was a finalist last year.

Case Against: The Dog Faced Boy is also very similar to a standard image of the guy. Also it’s not exactly an image associated with Genesis; few people knew about that random poster before a week ago. Musically, it has the issue of being an unknown entity for the fans whereas they usually try to have one or two songs that everyone would know.

Rumor: A Night at the Opera – Queen

Source: A random series of images that purports to be a new Pollock poster that kind of looks similar.

Case For: There’s a new Pollock poster that has a similar look to the album cover. Everyone knows Bohemian Rhapsody and Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon.

Case Against: BR was already played as a one off gimmick on 12/31/96. Also the poster isn’t as close to the album cover as the ticket was to the poster.

Rumor: Larks Tongue in Aspic – King Crimson

Source: A bunch of people are claiming that’s what they’re hearing.

Case For: This is how Exile leaked. It was a finalist last year. It would be an interesting album for the band to play, hard to pull off but would potentially have huge rewards if they could.

Case Against: It has all of the Genesis issues with lack of songs that people knew. Moreover, there aren’t that many hooks in it so it could easily be a frustrating experience for many of the people at the show. Also, what would be done with the violin parts? Give them to Page?

Rumor: Graceland – Paul Simon

Source: My imagination.

Case For: It fits the clues that Trey (challenging) and Mike (allegedly in conversation called it a “dance album”) have said. Has songs people would know. I’d really like it.

Case Against: The only rumor for it is that I’d really like it. It’s no different than the people who are trying to manifest Zeppelin.