Countdown to ‘ween: Mike Says Album Is “The One,” Pinky Predicts Zep, What To Do In AC

Phish Fall Tour

I’m really excited about it, to the point where I’m calling some of my friends and I’m saying, ‘Well, I don’t even have any more room on my guest list, but you’ve got to come somehow, because this is going to be the one.’ It just really feels right to me.
– Mike Gordon, to Spinner.

Halloween weekend is one day away. A few things to check out before you head to Atlantic City–or to the Online Phish Tour stream page:

  • Atlantic City Weekly offers Phish fans a list of 11 things to check out while you’re in town. [h/t: YEMblog]
  • Pinky on claims that a “magic mockingbird” told him that the musical costume would be a Zeppelin album.
  • In the event you can’t make it into the show, check out POAC’s rundown of who’s appearing at the casinos. After seeing their list, I’m seriously considering selling my 10/30 ticket in favor of seeing Jerry Springer hosting “America’s Got Talent” at the Trump Taj Mahal. More seriously, Karl Denson appears at the Trump late night on the 29th, and Marco Benevento & Friends on the 30th.
  • Read Spinner’s interview with Mike, excerpted above, for some (very unrevealing) hints about what’s in store for Sunday.