Atlantic City – Night 2

10.29.10 (T. Merkle)

Phish returned to the stage of Boardwalk Hall on Saturday night to a rabid crowd. After a barely solid effort Friday night, Phish put together a show built for a Saturday night. The show, while containing little improv, showcased impressive guitar chops and even was fueled with a Halloween theme. Led Zeppelin was laced throughout the entire show, whether it was a 3 second guitar tease or a full song verse with lyrics.

After an unusual and well played intro to the show of “Kill Devil Falls, Cavern > Foam, Guelah Papyrus” Trey started “Chalk Dust Torture”. This “CDT” contained a jam that turned into an impressive section of tension; right when I thought a huge peak may be coming from Trey, he busts right into “Whole Lotta Love”. Fishman kicks over on the drums, and Trey sings a whole verse. The song starts to be seemingly winding down, but, right then, Trey starts up the “CDT” jam right away for a soaring finish to the original song.

A stand-alone “Ha Ha Ha” followed and kept the Halloween mood alive. “Walk Away” followed in its format that started in Hartford earlier this year–with the up-tempo, “Tweeprizeish” drum beat outro. This song is a serious treat any time it comes out, now.

10.29.10 (T. Merkle)

Another vocal jam injected “Wolfman’s Brother” erupted people’s spirits in the middle of the first set. This jam got serious and funky after the vocal jam segment. Fishman showcases some very impressive rolling in this jam–listen just for him. Trey started making it seem like he was looking to extend this one past the artificial time restraint they have seemingly crafted for it in recent years. Instead Trey just awkwardly tried to segue into “Undermind”.

The last time “Undermind” was performed was at CMAC earlier this summer in June. The song segued into a glorious “Gin” that everyone was expecting to come. The type I adventure takes you soaring off the Boardwalk into the clouds. Trey took it for a spin before playing the “Gin” ending and settling it down before starting an uncommon first-set “Coil”

10.29.10 (T. Merkle)

The second set opened with a fun “Tube”. Clocking in at 5.5 minutes (what a monster!), Trey actually tried to extend it a tad past recent versions. “Possum” came next with a big “Whole Lotta Love” tease before popping back into “Possum’s” soaring peak. “Possum” packed a huge punch of fun in the 8 minutes leading up to “Tweezer”.

“Tweezer” was merely a launching pad for a Led Zeppelin tribute. Despite little improv (what there was sounded good), this “Tweezer” was a powerhouse of fun. Look to the setlist for its obvious allure.

After another pointless “Halley’s”, came some actual jamming. “Halley’s” immediately sunk down into “2001”. This “2001” actually reached almost 11 minutes. After 1.5 years of cutting it off at about five minutes, it seems like they are starting to extend this one more and more with each time they play it. This one made for a dirty little Jersey Shore dance party with Kuroda discofying the room. It perfectly led into a very unique and fun version of “Bowie”, although it had a very rushed ending.

“Number Line” was kind of out of place, but featured a glorious jam by Trey–his fret board may be on fire after it. Good Times, Bad Times appropriately closed the set before encoring with “Sleeping Monkey > Tweeprize”.

10.29.10 (T. Merkle)

Tonight is going to be a blast! Sorry for the short review, a lot going on today.