Monday Morning Video Pick Me Up – AC Edition

For this week’s “Monday Morning Video Pick Me Up” we will be focusing on some of Atlantic City’s highlights. A lot of people took real high-quality video of some songs and thought I would share as we embark on our week of dull work.

This first clip is the end segue from “Moma Dance” as it pops into “Cities”. The video here is important because you can see Kuroda took his lights to yet another level this year, illuminating the ceiling panels during the jam

HarpuaFSB took some phenomenal videos of the weekend–he had a direct shot of the stage with a high-quality camera. Here are some videos from him; let’s start with the awesome “Chalk Dust Torture -> Whole Lotta Love -> Chalk Dust Torture”. You really get a feel for how long Trey’s hair is growing out when he lets it go all over in this clip and some of the following.

10.30’s Awesome second set opener “Possum”. Watch the peak of the song coming out of the “Whole Lotta Love” tease.

The next clip is the second set’s soon-to-be iconic “Tweezer -> Heartbreaker > Tweezer -> Ramble On -> Thank You -> Stairway to Heaven”. We are so lucky to live in an age of small high-quality cameras.

10.31’s AWESOME 1st set “Ghost -> Spooky”

10.31’s “Mercenary Territory”, a song I hope makes it into regular rotation.

The best “Jibboo” of 3.0 surfaced in Halloween’s third set. Trey hosed us off with searing licks and an atypical ending.

10.31’s “Roses are Free”

10.31’s More-intense-than-usual “Wilson”. This contains an abnormally improvised ending.

10.30’s Blazing-hot “Walk Away”. Gotta love the new ending that emerged in Hartford

10.30’s 2001, a great example to how serious the song is becoming once again.

Have a great week everyone! Check here throughout the week for more content, especially Friday for the “Weekend Show”.

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