New Recording: Santana w/Trey, Page and Fish, 7/28/92

Trey and Carlos, August 1992. via

In the summer of ’92, Phish did a tour opening for Santana, their first of two such tours (the second was in summer ’96 in Europe). For years, a soundboard recording of Phish’s set from the July 25 show in Stowe, VT, featuring Carlos and his percussion section on YEM, Funky Bitch, and Llama has circulated. Now, we are excited to bring you another recording–this time of Santana’s July 28 set at Finger Lakes, featuring Trey, Page and Fishman.

First off, thanks where thanks is due: to David Slusarczyk for the tapes, and to, who did the transfers and got this out to the world.

I created v0 VBR mp3s and uploaded two versions:
1. The whole show including Trey, Page and Fish’s section. 13 tracks, 85 minutes.
2. The three tracks with Trey, Page and Fish. 3 tracks, 29 minutes.

Here’s the setlist:

1. Peace on Earth [8:16]
2. Free all the People [6:13]
3. Life is for Living [4:31]
4. Drums > [0:47]
5. Savor > [4:01]
6. Drums [6:16]
7. Make Somebody Happy [6:02]
8. Black Magic Woman [9:33]
9. //Oye Como Va [3:27]
10. Exodus * [9:13]
11. Jam * [6:46]
12. Healer Jam * [12:46]
13. Angels All Around [6:58]

* with Trey, Page and Fish

On the whole, this is a lot looser and more extended than the 7/25 jams during Phish’s set. It’s also not quite as good, performance-wise or recording-wise, but there are some amazing moments, particularly when Trey and Carlos trade licks. Between Trey’s style and tone from that time, there are moments where it’s difficult to tell which one of them is soloing. A must-download, for sure.