Monday Morning Video Pick-Me-Up

We’re halfway through November, and that can only mean one thing: time to rage!

On 10/21/95, Phish opened the first set with Tweezer Reprise, something they’d never done before (though they’d do it twice more that tour–and of course once this summer at SPAC). This Good Times Bad Times came at the end of the set, and it absolutely murders. For the sake of those who haven’t heard it, I won’t say anything more.

Not bad, huh? Go buy it on LivePhish.

Next up, 10/3/98 Moma Dance. The full set from FarmAid is worth hearing, not only for the amazing 19-minute Down by the River with Neil Young, but also for the blazing Birds that opened. And for this Moma, in which Trey goes just about as crazy as I’ve ever seen him go.

Back to the present. For those of you going to MSG for the first time next month, this is the kind of energy you have to look forward to. The crowd was going completely insane here, and the band followed suit:

Now let’s go to another room that probably had great energy, though it’s not quite as big: The Paradise in Boston (capacity 730).

And last but not least, a little machine-gun Trey:

Have a great week!