Monday Morning Video Pick Me Up

While 2010’s Fall Tour gave us the beginning of the revival of “Weekapaug Groove”, it still has a long way to go to get back on the level of what it once was. 1997 was a fun year for the song (and most songs); with the emerging style of funk, mixed with the fast tempo of the song, “Weekapaug” often boasted a totally original sounding jam in a set full of similar sounds. Here is the raging “Paug” from 11.13.1997. Trey is wailing, hopping around from pedal to pedal. Then around 9 minutes, he moves to his wah and we enter hyperspeed porno-funk before peaking back out of it. Fun version.

Here is the “YEM” from the same show, starting with the trampolines section. It’s good quality considering the year, however the cameraman seems to focus on band members that are not playing the lead at the given time.

Here is another video from the same year, only a month later. Auburn Hill’s show on 12.06.1997 is popular because of it’s monster second set, but its first set is often overlooked. One of my favorite set one segues is contained in its “Bathtub Gin -> Foam”. The “Gin” hoses you down in gorgeous melody led by Trey before the jam turns dark with “Foam” as the light at the end of the tunnel. This video is from one of my favorite YouTubers, SilverChair97.

Gin jam -> Foam pt. 1

Foam pt. 2, Sample in a Jar (it seems like I forget about how amazing Foam is every time I hear it again)

Let’s just jump to the second set; next we have “Izabella”. After a monster second set opening “Tweezer” with one of my favorite starts to the song ever, the psychedelic jam moves into a monster “Izabella”. The 10-minute version sinks into one of their deepest funk jams ever. Not just featuring single player “funky break down” start/stop jamming, but featuring funky break down duets. Trey is dancing all over the place!

and the (continued clip of the) jam winds up landing in an early version of “Twist”