Monday Morning Video Pick-Me-Up

If any Monday demands a pick-me-up, it’s the Monday after a long Thanksgiving. So we’re going to try to double down on the up-picking this week. First off, an absolutely nasty pro-shot Theme from 2/16/97 in Germany:

The whole show was recorded for TV, so search for it on Youtube. Next up, we switch continents again, and head to Japan for the 6/11/00 First Tube:

Now we move to another land entirely: Fishmanland. From 2/25/93, this version of If I Only Had a Brain features a vacuum solo from the late, great Mimi Fishman:

Last Monday was the 13th anniversary of the landmark 11/22/97 Hampton show, which includes the greatest version of Halley’s Comet ever played. Here’s part 1:

And part 2:

And finally, today is the 13th anniversary of another historic show: 11/29/97 Worcester, which featured the longest jam in any 2-set show in Phish’s history, out of Runaway Jim. The video on Youtube is split into 6 parts, so I’ll just link the first one. It’s part of a playlist, so the other parts will start up when this one ends.

Only 4 weeks until the next Worcester run. If that doesn’t help cure the post-Thanksgiving blues, I don’t know what will…